Hereford Away 2009: Part 4 – Mardy, Abergavenny, Oasis and Posing

So we had arrived in Magor, on the edge of Newport and of course we were now in Wales when the question popped up “any pubs open yet?”, as it neared 11am, we made sure of finding a pub which was open. We arrived in the Welsh town of Abergavenny and sure enough found “The Crown and Sceptre” on a main road, next to a post office, open and with a nice car park. 

It was in an area called Mardy, Abergavenny. In the north part of Abergavenny, ironically on The Hereford Road, so at least we knew we were on the right track! But it wasn’t a lunch stop, just yet.

Even though Noel Gallagher came on my tape player as we passed a Snack Bar called Oasis. They sold soup and you gotta roll with it. We were looking for a pub, D’You Know What I Mean?


We were the only customers in The Crown and Sceptre for first orders. It must have been just before 11am when they let us in. There was an excellent wee pool table at the back so we got the games in.
The resident dog.
Next door was a post office, so Dan and I popped out and I posted the kid his postcard. Look above – I got the right box to post it. Imagine mixing the green bin with the red post box. The Southern Irish and the Hong Kong ese might have put it in with the rubbish. PS – pronounce that…Swyddfa’r. Love Welsh place names. Lack of vowels…
Meanwhile back in the pub, Austin was losing at pool. Big time. Ironic really as he is from Poole.
I got this shot of the lads. It was the end of some kind of dream for me..but a happy one.
This pub had it all. Pool table. Beer. Beer garden. Great staff. Dukebox. Millionaire Machine. Resident Dog. On another day, in another time, we’d have stayed there all day and ended up watching grunge metal at night. On whiskeys. Times had changed…

A pint of Brains please – can’t remember if I was on half pints, soft drinks or Shandies for the day, but probably had a shandy of Brains. And then a random photo moment. This picture of four men stood on the wall behind. We enjoyed the random poses so copied it.


Us. Doing the pose.


Them. The Original.

Dan captured me standing by the pub door. I like this photo. I was back.


After 2 pints for the lads and a shandy Brains for me, it was time to leave Abergavenny behind and head back into England, and get the craic for the night ahead in Hereford. Dan made a few photos on our drive through the town, which was old, charming and idyllic rather than bleak, commercial and modern. Here at Abergavenny Bargain Centre, you can buy “over sizes”.

Our first sign of “Hereford” for the day was also photographed by Dan, as we arrived on Hereford Road, where a surgery bore black and white colours to represent the Bulls. 

It was a nice trip to Abergavenny and we enjoyed the town, but it was back across into England to see Hereford, where the main event would be later that night.

Came From – Magor (near Newport, South Wales)

On Route To – Hereford

Via – Mardy, Abergavenny

Miles Travelled – 152 miles

Nationalities Met – Welsh

Key Song –


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