Hereford Away 2009: Part 5 – Inflatable Things, Pitch Invasion and Dan’s Cousin

Hereford Away 2009: Part 5 – Inflatable Things, Pitch Invasion and Dan’s Cousin

I don’t remember either of our cars getting lost, or even losing each other the entire day which is to our credit. We made Edgar Street first port of call for the day, estimating correctly that we could park there for free. We had hoped to get match tickets too, but were told it was “pay on the gate”. My last football match in the UK would be without a ticket stub for my blossoming collection. Almost Hereford’s way of telling me “you weren’t really here, mate.”

Hereford United FC are hardly one of the most famous clubs in the world but they did happen to knock the mighty Newcastle United out of the FA Cup once, with the winner being scored by Ronnie Radford, a screamer. The shop at Edgar Street is called Radfords.

The ticket office. But no tickets available. Pay on gate.

Stand entrance for the Merton Stand, where we sneaked in.


Dan and I wangled our way onto the pitch at Edgar Street. We weren’t allowed, of course. 

An open door near the changing rooms let us in, we took our pitchside photos, enjoyed the view of the empty stadium before being told to leave. “How the hell did you boys get in here?” we were asked. From hot air ballons to sky dives, we simply “couldn’t remember.”

The main stand (we would be in the one opposite on the night).

Cornish Cherry does illegal pitch side at Edgar Street.

The impressive stadium. Nice terracing. Love lower league grounds. Nice pitch too.

The Northern Ireland flag gets its first airing at Edgar Street.

Then it was time for a look around the city – yes it’s a city – we had wrongly thought Hereford was a town. The city is very nice and typically English. The photo above was taken on one of the main streets. I love the way the red and black of Dan’s shoulder is in this photo – proves I didn’t just google a Hereford street and download a photo. I saw Hereford with my own eyes and took these photos on my camera.

A different main street. Very uncommercial, and in 4 days I would be leaving the UK for my new adventure so seeing different places really got me in the mood for travel again. I was trying to leave behind the bad memories from the year.

I liked the black and white Tudor style building (I may have totally got the wrong era there), but this pedestrian area was pleasant to walk round, we were looking for inflatable things…


We already had an inflatable dragon (bought at Magor in Wales) and an inflatable cider hat (got free with a 4 pack near Blandford). We were after more random inflatables especially sheep. We searched local shops and fancy dress outlets in vain. Until Dan found a red and black inflatable guitar and I found a gay pink microphone. It was something, and the day progressed to lunch. Cheap ass style.


So we went to Wetherspoons in Hereford Town Centre. Rich and I were on the orange juice while the guys stuck to cheap beer, ale and cider. We had a decent feed in there too.

It was called The King’s Fee and in there we had the extra bonus of meeting Dan’s cousin!

Dan reunited with his cousin.

The King’s Fee had a balcony which I draped my Northern Ireland flag over. Many looked bemused…

Austin pretends he’s not excited by the red and white and black blow up dragon.

My last erection in the UK was plastic. The dragon had that effect.

Then the dragon tried to bite it off.

 Dan in rock star mode.

Our table Dan and Austin with empty plates. We actually settled in this pub and looked a bit tired, so we needed to move on somewhere.

I don’t remember what the joke was as Tom and Austin enjoyed their Spoons lunches.

So after enjoyed the city centre of Hereford we thought about heading out for an afternoon stroll in a countryside pub. First though a petrol stop.

We were now back in the countryside flirting with Wales again.

From – Mardy, Abergavenny, WALES

To – The City of Hereford, ENGLAND

Sights – Edgar Street, City Centre Shops, The King’s Fee Pub

Miles Travelled – 172 miles

Key Song – 


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CENTRAL HEREFORD LOOKING FOR INFLATABLE SHEEP, “none in here right we’ll try the next one”: