Hereford Away 2009: Part 6 – Countryside, Grafton, Duck Pond, Cherrychat

Next up, and for the hell of it we got out of Hereford, heading directly south on the Ross Road, in both cars and conveniently found The Grafton, a quiet country pub in the middle of nowhere with a pond. It was basically a case of “find the next pub, but it has to be in the middle of nowhere, and be open. First car indicates, second car follows…” The Grafton ticked both boxes.

Pints ordered. 

We hung around inside at the start and drank there, until Rich went out for a smoke and we realised we should be out by the pond! 

Out the window of The Grafton. To and English country garden, near the Welsh border.

Out the back of The Grafton, this traditional style country pub was a lovely wee pond. Idyllic English countryside. The type that makes you proud to be British you know. Relaxation.

It wasn’t the warmest but we beer gardened it anyway. A week later I would be sat with Natalja staring down on the world from the top of Chiayi Tower in the heat and humidity of Taiwan. It’s a funny world.


That seemed miles away from my Hereford sunset, with the lads, shandy pint in hand (hated not being able to drink on my Cherries farewell so settled for Shandy, and later coffee).


For the memory, there’s me relaxing in Chiayi city, almost exactly a week later…stark contrasts in life are my forte.

Hence why we photographed an inflatable dragon and a pink microphone on top of my car…

Another real lads afternoon chill moment.

Before the guitars kicked in. Austin and Tom had a fair bit to drink and by now were feeling a bit drunk. I had changed a fair bit, not even drinking on my final Cherries away match, choosing to drive. Things would change by 2012 mind you…but though I’m writing this 3 years later, I can’t help but be reflective.

The side of the road. Typical English countryside in Herefordshire.

With our fakes guitars and microphones, I did guest vocals on a few Cherries theme songs as the others sank their pints. I seem to remember the pub being very empty except for one random local from Newry in Northern Ireland!

Rich got in rock star mode too…

Ducks, birds, nature, wildlife, countryside. Great place to relax the nerves before the big match.

I came back for an encore…

Dan Darch in pensive mode.

What fields near Hereford look like…

The Grafton viewed from the beer garden in all its glory.

Pretty big beer garden. Would make a nice Wedding spot too. Not sure what Austin and Dan are doing here.

I don’t remember or know who, what or where we were pointing to, at or towards. Or the reason why. But I later told Dan we were pointing to Preston North End – our next away match together in 2011. Sadly I didn’t make the Preston away match in the end, so we were actually pointing towards Gigg Lane in Bury, where we would all attend together again (except Tom) in 2012. We polished off our pints, made a Cherrychat video and headed back to Hereford at sunset.

From – Hereford City Centre

To – The Grafton Pub, Ross Road, just outside Hereford

Nationalities Met – English, Northern Irish

Sights – Pub, duck pond, quiet country road

Miles Travelled – About 189 miles

Key Song –