June 12, 2015

Shall We Sing A Song For You

I like singing. Here are my favourite Cherries songs:

1. This group of people were in this geographic location when the team we supported were comparable with excretion.

2. Raising the position of a sweet fruit, in every level.

3. Group associated with team manager and often deemed to be crazy and related to people who kill others during a war.

4. Suburb of Dorset’s most prominent seaside resort; ball to the rear of the onion bag.

5. These people did not remember your presence in this location.

Singing at Sheffield Wednesday at home 2015

Singing at Sheffield Wednesday at home 2015

6. (pointing at subject) That person will arrive back at their house in a vehicle often associated with hospitals.

7. (referring to match official) Two vowels making up fake word expression, match official, it is believed you masturbate regularly.

8. These people do not like a certain Yorkshire city, assholes.

9. Manager, raise your hand at us, manager, raise your hand at us.

10. Our team possesses a decent right winger, this player is excellent.

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