June 12, 2015

Welcome to Ulster Cherry.com

Welcome to Ulster Cherry.com!!

Jonny Blair - Ulster Cherry

Jonny Blair – Ulster Cherry

I am Jonny Blair, also known as Ulster Cherry. I grew up in the seaside town of Bangor in Northern Ireland (part of Ulster). I made my first visit to Bournemouth in 1994 aged 14 and fell in love with the Dorset seaside town. By 2003 I was a Bournemouth resident, first living in Springbourne. I popped my Dean Court Cherry at the Hartlepool home match in 2003 and have now followed my team in all four divisions of England as well as having travelled to Scotland and Wales for away matches. Over the years I have also attended testimonials, FA Cup matches, pre season friendlies, Watching Paint Dry Trophy matches and League Cup matches.

Four times a season ticket holder and having attended over 130 Cherries matches, I am a travelling AFC Bournemouth supporter, rather than a permanent resident of Bournemouth these days.

I’m not always around – I travel around the world for a hobby and a business these days but my football brain always tells me to head back to Dean Court. I am currently based in Artur Boruc country, working as the Northern Irishman in Poland.

And if you’re wondering where the nickname Ulster Cherry actually comes from, it’s simply a type of Cherry:


You can follow Ulster Cherry on here or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ulster-Cherry

In the meantime, Up the Cherries, in all divisions!

“We’re Premier League”

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